Project: Charity Lodge #5 - Historical Masonic Art Restoration ( 1850-1905 )

North Carolina masonic lodge, Charity Lodge #5, delivered a set of 14 historical art pieces that were damaged by direct sunlight, mold, and various other causes. Pieces included painted portraits on stretched canvas, chalk/charcoal portraits on board and a few photographs.

In the studio, we carefully removed the art from their frames. Using specialized lighting setup we photographed/digitized the art in high resolution so the images could be restored digitally and reprinted. Immediately after digital capture, the original artwork was packaged and returned to the client for long-term storage and preservation.

Images were digitally repaired in photoshop using various photo retouching techniques and in some cases digitally painted in places that chunks of paint were completely missing in order to restore the images to their original splendor.

The images will now be reprinted on museum quality mounted canvas and archival quality cotton paper, reframed and returned to the masonic lodges gallery for display later this year.

Charity #5 Restoration

masonic restoration Raleigh Photographer


Printed on mounted canvas and framed

masonic restoration Raleigh Photographer